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cabaretstyle's Journal

Cant handle the heat, get off the fuckin' stage.
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome. This is a rating community.
Yes, we will be bitches.
If you cant handle that.
Then dont bother applying.
Now, have a nice day and try not to cry.

Your super awesome mods.-

                      Arezu!                                                    Jenn!

Those who join and dont submit an application 24 hrs after joining will be banned. Sorry Charlie.


-Did you read the rules?:

-Do you have a beloved? if so would you like to share a pic?:

-6 Bands:

-4 Movies:

-2 Books:

-Actors/Actresses and which movies they played in:

-Artists if applicable:

-Favorite feature physically and mentally:

-Ok, here's your candid chance to say whatever the hell you want.

-Post at least four pictures. One must clearly have your face. The second needs to be a 100x100 of yourself for member page. Finally, the third can be of you doing whatever. You have a problem with something, talk with the mod otherwise we wont vote.

You know what? Join. When I feel like it I will re-enforce the damn app.

Jenn: natrlDisturbance@netscape.net
Arezu: AlwaysArezu@yahoo.com